• North Torch NC End Lathe is small nc horizontal end lathe. Its control shaft has two parts that can take advantage of high speed steel or carbide tipped tool to finished the rough and fine lathe work. Such as, the various steel structure, iron casting,inner and outer cylindrical of nonferrous metal and non-metallic material workpiece, conical surface, spherical surface and all kinds of curve revolution. And it also can machining all kinds of screw thread. According to the customers' requirements to allocate boring, grinding device...
  • Large Size Pit Lathe is mainly used in big turns, middle dishes, drum-type parts, such as virous flange, valve, seal head, tank shell, motor cover, tire mold, etc.The lathe is widely applied to energy and transport, petrochemical complex, mine railway, automobile making and other machine building industry.

  • Common Horizontal Lathe: Common horizontal lathe is applied to process casting, steel stainless parts and large and middle size nonferrous metal parts. It can be used in the cylindrical turning, inner bore, end face, , groove cutting, hole drilling, bore hole and sheath. It also be able to turning  Metric System, British System, modulus and diametral pitch etc., various of inner and outer screw thread. And it able to use top knife block self- auto turning short cone, and use top knife block combine with turning long conical surface...
  • Heavy Horizontal Lath:The lathe is applied to high speed steel stainless and rigid alloy-steel cutter. It is used in processing different materials shaft, cylinder, roller parts. It is able to finish the cylindrical,conical surface,hook face,inner bore,end face,groove cutting etc., processing. It meets the parts rough and finish machining turning. The lathe main driving, direct-current machine driving, principal axis four-speed gear shifting, internal sleeve stepless speed regulation. When processing different phases and workpieces, the turning speed is reasonable.
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North Torch Machine is established in the 60s of the last century. It is originally belongs to Liuting Airport Military Enterprise of North China Sea Fleet Aviation(Aviation Machinery Plant), and it's responsible primarily for aircraft maintenance, spare parts processing, middle and small sized machinery manufacturing, etc. In accordance with the document that was distributed by CMC and State Council in 1999, the company has changed from military enterprise to private enterprise, and developed continuously...

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